Time to jump in

Alright, after dancing around now for a number of years, it is time to take the plunge. This first post is presenting the lay of the land – to the extent it can be put in words and images. The blog is about a gradual, yet profound shift in perspective about who “Peter” is. Just to be clear, this is not so much about the person you have known to be him, that Swiss guy who is trying to appeal to a readership on his Facebook page, perhaps for attention, for connection or simply love?

This is an unfolding process of discovery – putting one foot in front of the other – shining the light onto the appearances as they emerge and disappear.

Throughout the existence in time and space – recorded along the birth-to-death timeline, a predominant identification with a narrator has emerged: The voice in Peter’s head, typically referred to as “I” or “me”. Let’s call that the personal self, or simply the self.

Although this blog isn’t about the basic axioms and terminologies of the non-dual philosophy, there will be references to knowledge base and/or glossary for those who are curious about the more technical terms used.

The blog is a direct reporting from the trenches of life, as perceived by a sentient being who is telling the story of “Peter” as some major proverbial earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires are digging away at a foundational belief of who he is.

So far for the introduction – and since this is a blog, readers are invited to make use of the comments section below.


    1. Exactly, Ajata – what might have looked like a journey along a path could turn out to simply be what is arising now, eh?

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